It's Over

And just like that... It's over. 

Months of anticipation. Weeks of preparations. Days counted down. All leading up to the big day. Christmas has once again come and gone. Most people are usually busy with plans right up until the day, and then we wake up on December 26th and it seems as if the entire holiday festivities have drastically plummeted into oblivion. The celebrations have come to a screeching halt. The trash cans now overflow with garbage that just a day before decorated beautiful wrapped packages. Boxes that held gifts are now shreds waiting for the landfill. The 24 hour Christmas stations have gone back to their regular play lists. Holiday item prices have been slashed and shelves are now filled with Valentine gifts. The Christmas dinner that took hours to prepare is today's leftovers. Even worse, the spirit of the season that saw strangers wishing glad tidings of great joy has now transformed to frustrations waiting in line and pedestrians nearly being plowed over by hurrying vehicles refusing to yield. 

It may in fact be the saddest day of the year. In my opinion, of course. My opinion is also that Christmas should not be dictated by a date on the calendar. Nor should it be non-existent in our lives after the 25th. Christmas should be Christ in us. Every day. The spirit of the season is the abundant joy of knowing Him as Lord. We should live everyday like it's Christmas, celebrating His gift to us.

The celebration of Christmas may be over but the gift given to us by the Savior we honor is eternal. This is the very spirit of God in us that allows us to experience joy even when there is heartache. To give freely without any special occasion. To love extravagantly expecting nothing in return. Our holiday celebrations may be over but the life of Christ remains in us always. 

I'm still watching Christmas movies, listening to my Christmas playlist and refusing to take down my decorations. At least for a little while longer. I'm reminded to continue the celebration of Christ and my purpose to share His gift of life no matter what day it is. May the spirit of Christmas still be with us today and every day. 



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