Super Day

"You should be president, mom!"

"Me?!" I asked. "Why do you think I should be president?"

"Because you're the best mom in the planet. I would vote for you."

Ladies and gentlemen, I approved this message. But before you get ready to put a check mark beside my name, let's stop the presses and evaluate the issues.

The truth is it was one of those amazing days where memories were made. It was nothing of significance yet significant in every way.

The entire living room was transformed into a couch fort. There were made up games and crafts that didn't come as a set or with their own rules. It was whatever we wanted to do. There were hours in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals together. We all helped while Violet happily played and observed. There was music and lots of singing. Our house was filled with laughter and smiles for what seemed like the whole day. I can't recall all the things we found to smile about but I know my heart was happy.

"What a super Saturday we had!" I told my boy as I snuck in one more hug before putting him to bed. It helps that he knows the way to schmooze me and voting for me for president, well, that just worked its way right into my heart. As we laid down to rest that night all my husband and I could do was recall the moments that turned into memories simply because we had spent precious time together.

It was indeed a super Saturday.

The next day was not as super. It's one thing when you get a call from school. It's another thing when you get a call from church. Let's be clear. There are known (and unknown) behavioral, developmental and social issues that my child has to contend with. But you never want to be "the one" who is called out of church because your child can't behave. Oh yes, Sunday we became "the one." What made it even worse was my reaction to the situation wasn't going to win any nominations for president, much less mom of the year. I couldn't even be mad at my son because my own choices were less than admirable.

Aren't you glad you haven't cast your ballot yet?!

Life ebbs and flows in and out of the good and bad, the beautiful and difficult. It becomes a series of fortunate and unfortunate circumstances that make up our moments and memories. Some days are simply super while others pale in comparison. There could be a million and one things that all add up to be the best days of our lives. And just like that, a million more things could go horribly wrong.

Today is "Super Tuesday" but only if you decide for it to be. What will make (or break) this day is very much up to you. You decide. You choose. It's up to you.

I'm not running for president, despite my son's nomination, but I am determined to make today the very best it can be. I want it to be super. I want it to be memorable. I want to be reminded that even in the difficult and challenging moments I have the choice of how I will respond. I want to be proactive instead of reactive. I want to face the issues head on when they're presented to me and rise to the occasion rather than crumble under the pressure. Today is Tuesday and quite frankly, there's nothing truly super about it...except for what I choose to make it!


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