Good Morning

The alarm jolted my peaceful slumber. The sun was peeking through the blinds which always makes me happy. My eyes were tired and my body was sore but my heart was full.

"Good morning, Lord. Thank You for another day."

"Good morning, my child. I love you today."

It was as if He was sitting at the end of my bed. I knew He'd been there all night, watching over me as I slept, singing songs over me to offer me peace and comfort even in my now forgotten dreams. I wondered if he was distracted by my bedhead that reflected a sound night of sleep. Hopefully He wasn't catching wind of my morning breath as I spoke.

"God, my heart is full ... but there's a lot on my mind."

"I know, child."

"Do You want to hear about it?"

He didn't answer but I felt certain the strength in His face and the care in His eyes gave me the go-ahead to share.

"God, I know you already know... but I have so many requests... for me, for my family, for friends, people I love..."

I began to rattle off my list of concerns, knowing full well He was aware of each and every circumstance.

"Lord, I struggle knowing how to pray. I know You are capable of working miraculously, but I also know You may have a plan that is different than my own. Increase my faith!"

"Beloved, I AM."

I knew He wasn't responding to my request, but rather reminding me of who He is.

He is. He was. He will always be. Ever present, always with me, Sovereign God. He took such care in forming me and planning the days of my life before I ever breathed my first breath; why would I think He was not intricately involved in each and every circumstance now weighing on me?

It's in the quietness of these moments before my feet even hit the ground when I sense His presence and I'm at peace just conversing with my Creator. Yet, I know what lies ahead. The craziness of a busy schedule and the demands of a hectic day. It will pull and tug on me and drag me in a dozen different directions, so I savor this time where I can just be still in His presence.

I don't yet know how the day will turn out, let alone how each circumstance will be resolved. But I do know the one who holds me and my circumstances. I may not know the answers to my requests but I do know the one who hears each and every concern. Today I'm reminded to talk to Him. Whatever the problem, whatever I face. Just tell Him. Sure, He already knows the need before you even ask, but the sweetness of enjoying His presence and being reminded of who He is and that His sovereignty hasn't escaped any of the things I what gives me the strength to face another day.

Good morning. Have you talked to your Father today? He is. He was. He will always be. And today He is waiting on the end of your bed to hear from you too. Before your feet hit the ground, before the day begins, before the weight of life's circumstances begin weighing you down, rest in His presence. Begin today with Him and have a good morning!


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