The kids were enthralled with each other. They were busying themselves with whatever they could get themselves into and not paying attention at all to me, my sister or my mom.

We were busy, too. Only our business was about a wedding dress.

Suddenly my 2-year-old niece stopped dead in her tracks, pointed her little finger up at me, stared with wide-eyed amazement and a twinkle in her eyes and asked "What doing?"

I smiled and replied, "Trying on my wedding dress."

With excitement and wonder she exclaimed, "You look like 'Rella," which is 2-year-old speak for 'Cinderella.' It's her favorite movie, but more than that it's every girl's dream.

Just a few days later a curly-haired 5-year-old girl asked me, "Will you look like a princess?" I nodded in affirmation.

I think we are born with it. It's deep within our hearts. It's the desire we have to be beautiful, cherished, adored, noticed. What I've come to understand is it's not the dress. It's not the makeup. It's not the hair (although I do love all these things). A fresh cut and color might usher a few compliments. Certainly a beautiful dress will turn heads. But these aren't the things that make one truly beautiful. It's nothing about the outer adornment that brings beauty.

Even so, little girls watch with wonder as Cinderella transforms into the princess she always knew she was inside.

Inside. There it is. At our core, the heart pumps a royal bloodline through our veins, reaffirming we are His princess.

The King is enthralled with your beauty, honor Him for He is your Lord.
Psalm 45:11

Beauty is one thing, but that wedding dress, what it represents, the idea behind it all is wrapped up in a heart captured. A heart captivated. A love so deep, so pure it transcends whatever sin and stains have tried to distort it. The bride of Christ ushered down the aisle, presented to her Groom. Her beauty is admired. Her heart is held safely by her Savior.

"Following hard after Jesus is the heart's natural response when it has been captured and has fallen deeply in love with Him." (Captivating)

Have you ever felt that love? Captivated by our Savior so our only choice is following hard after Him. What could be more beautiful?


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