Sovereign Intervention

It was truly a glorious day. The sun was shining. There was a nice breeze. I was up early and headed down the road about an hour's drive for a work-related appointment. The whole way there just felt "right." I was singing, worshiping, praying...just enjoying the lush green scenery (compliments of all the recent rain) and having my own little worship service right there in the mini van. Yes, you read that right. I said mini van.

I was driving the company car - which I affectionately call the "Chicken Mini." One look at the van and there is no guessing where I work. Sad to say, there was no cow and no actual chicken on board.

It was a blessed morning. I was visiting a company-sponsored summer camp with more than 300 first through sixth graders. I can honestly say it was a blast. You know when you have those encounters with other believers - whom you've never even met - and it just turns into a spiritual shot in the arm? Yeah, that was this experience.

Which is why I was all-the-more devastated when I got back in the van and realized my great mistake. You see, before I set out on my hour drive I contemplated getting gas in town but rationalized I had enough to get me there and it's usually cheaper where I was headed so I thought I'd wait. But now I was looking at a gas gauge that read less than a quarter of a tank. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was I had grabbed my work bag, complete with computer, notebook and lipgloss (don't forget, I never go anywhere without lipgloss) but NO WALLET. Somehow I'd left it in my car...back hour away!

There I am. Stranded. No gas. No money. No credit card. No ID. NOTHING. After the panic attack, I started to pray. I immediately sent a cry for help to my Knight, knowing he was an hour and a half away from my location. I had two options. Go to the local Chick-fil-A and beg or pull into a gas station and beg. Either way, it was a completely helpless feeling but I was desperate. Another thought popped into my mind - drive as far as I could until I ran out of gas and have someone meet me wherever I ended up. I opted to pull into the gas station and beg.

I had my Chick-fil-A shirt, name badge, key chain and van...but no credit card, no cash, and not even an ID. (Yes, I paid careful attention to obey ALL traffic laws!)

I knew my debit card number by heart and explained my predicament. But it was against policy. They couldn't prove it wasn't fraud. I asked for someone higher up, pleaded my case again, and (shamelessly) I may have teared up a little. In what was truly an act of God, I was granted permission and provision to be able to run the card numbers I had so carefully stored in my head! Thank You, Jesus!

The whole incident took an extra 5-10 minutes but I didn't care. I had enough gas to make the hour trip back and I was on my way. I was halfway into my return trip with a thankful heart returning to even more worship when I saw cars braking in front of me. I came upon the sight of a terrible accident - a truck must have rolled multiple times. People were stopping to help the man out of his demolished truck and a police officer was just making his way to the scene to offer assistance. All I could think about was had I been on the road 5 or 10 minutes earlier...

Provision. Protection. Sovereign intervention. Today I got to see it, witness it, experience it firsthand. It caused me to wonder how many times I go about my day and am completely unaware of His provision, protection and sovereign intervention in my life. Thank You, Lord, not only for how I witnessed you provide for me today but for all the ways I don't even see.


  1. Wow! He truly is always faithful, lavishing his love upon his children. <3

  2. Really needed to hear this. Things just not going the way I want or think they should. My faith has been shaken tremendously. But this puts things in perspective. If its Gods way then I will always be kept and it will always be perfect.


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