Putting Up A Fight

It seems that life can be going along just perfectly when --- WHACK! Out of nowhere a spiritual attack smacks you in the face. It comes without warning and it packs a punch with a vengeance. In my experience, the best way for the Enemy to leave you in a state of defeat is to convince you of the very thing you pray you're not. Or to confront you with the very thing you seek to avoid. He'll hit you alright. Right where it hurts.

It's like looking into one of those distorted mirrors at the carnival. Even though you know the misshapen, contorted image is not really how you look or who you are, the reflection is so convincing that it's easy to be tricked into believing it might really be you..

"Get thee behind me, Satan!" If I ball my hands into fists and put my arms up in a fighting position, do you think it will help ward him off?! Surely he's not afraid of me. If he was, he wouldn't be throwing such fierce darts my direction.

"In the name of Jesus..." Ah, yes. Now he must flee. I wonder how much pride he must have had to be convinced that he could be as great as the God of the universe. What distorted image of himself was he looking at to think that he deserved the position of the Most High God?! We laugh and mock but we're too easily duped to judge. And yet, the very One whom he sought to become, the very One whom he traded his own position of honor for is the One that he must bow to. Quite the irony I'd say.

I learned a little tune at kid's camp a long time ago:

If I had a little black box
To put the Devil in
I'd take him out and SMASH HIS FACE!!!
And put him back again

The pounding of one fist into the other hand while you scream about smashing his face seems like enough to make me feel better. I'm just being honest. And if you've never faced this ominous gloom and defeat, out of the blue, with no explanation, and for no apparent reason, then I ask you not to judge. If you have, then you can sympathize and pray.

I'll not live defeated. Don't you worry about that. But again, I'm just being honest. Why? Because I know I'm not the only one who's been hit with this attack. I'm not alone in feeling beaten up. And neither are you. So let's put on the armor, put up our fists and put up a fight. I mean a good, solid, spiritual, in-the-name-of-Jesus fight!

Now go and SMASH HIS FACE!!!


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