The Storm Blew In

A storm blew through last night. The thunder was cracking so loudly you thought the sky was opening up. The lightning was so bright it lit up the whole night. 

Now the waves are pounding toward the shoreline with a roaring vengeance. The roughness of the waters doesn't resemble any kind of peace or tranquility. Instead the thrashing water is pounding over top of each other, wave after wave, fighting toward the shore. The wind is howling and whipping, tearing through the serenity and tossing it aside. 

The cloud cover overhead is filling the sky. The sun would have to valiantly break forth to try to shine high and clear today. It's cool. Cold, even. 

It's a reminder of how quickly things can change. It's a reminder that even the most peaceful sea can turn into utter chaos. It's a reality check that storms arise and circumstances can change the tides. 

In His word there are also reminders that the wind and waves obey Him. With just a word, He can quiet the raging storms. Though we walk through the water, we will not be consumed. He promises not to let the waves overtake us. 

If I would have faith enough to keep my eyes on Him then I wouldn't be distracted by the changing tides that rise around me. The storms wouldn't overtake me and the waters wouldn't threaten to consume me. If I would fix my gaze upon Him, I wouldn't be aware of anything but His peace and the calm that is mine to claim with Him as my refuge.  

The internal struggle I face to keep my eyes fixed on Him is as fierce as the waves crashing along the shore. The battle rages inside me stronger than the torment outside. 

Today serves as a reminder. Storms will come. You can go to sleep to the peaceful chorus of a calm sea but be violently awakened by a crashing storm that changes everything. I can't calm the wind and waves. I can only calm my soul as it rests in the hands of Almighty. I can't make the storm blow over but I can find refuge under His wing. I can't change the tide but I can find peace in Him. 

Let the storm rage on. He is the rock I cling to. 


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