Welcome September

It happens. Every year. Without fail. It's 90 degrees with high humidity yet throughout the course of this day that feels like summer's last hoorah, I'm pining for all things fall. Welcome September. I'm so glad you're here. 

We've spent our Labor Day laboring - deep cleaning, that is. It feels like we're preparing for spring but instead we're fully embracing what's soon-to-be autumn. The windows have all been cleaned and the screens put on. My husband cannot know the full extend of the happiness he has brought me by doing this. There's a warm breeze (maybe more like hot?!) but I'm absolutely thrilled that the cooler temperatures coming will allow the windows to be opened and let the breezes blow through. The house is clean and it just feels "good." It feels like we're ready for the new season.

I guess I'm all-too-predictable since at least half a dozen people have let me know the Pumpkin Spice Oreo flavor that's out. Others have shared pumpkin spice recipes, PSL's on sale early and other "pumpkin-related" updates. I might need to change my profile to "Loves all things Pumpkin, Oreos, Coffee and Birthdays." Oh yes, September, I welcome you. I embrace you and all that's to come. 

It's already hit me. I had the desire to bake but I'm ashamed to admit I have no can of pumpkin on hand. I pulled out the dehydrator instead and prepared some apples, blueberries and bananas along with freshly pureed fruit roll ups. I started searching for stew and soup recipes. I was so tempted - THIS CLOSE - to making a pot of chili tonight. After all, it is September. Nevermind the temperature.

The truth is I love the start of a new month. I love flipping the calendar (yes, I still have a paper one on my desk) and seeing the very beginning. It's fresh and new. It's only a matter of time before it will be filled up with appointments, reminders and circled dates but for this day it's a clean slate. I love the change of seasons. Every season. I love welcoming with anticipation what I know Autumn brings, knowing full well that following behind it will be winter and holidays in full force. Oh yes, it's all coming. The new month, the onset of the season to come is unstoppable. 

Lest I get ahead of myself, don't worry, I'm not ready to turn the calendar into the new year. Not yet at least. (Although...then the 59 day countdown will begin for my birthday but that's another story!) No, today I'm just pausing to enjoy the new month and the ceremonial close of summer as fall begins to make its entrance. Welcome September. I really am glad you're here. 


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