It was the beginning of January. Two and a half hours we waited at the doctors' office. I was there for moral support and not as a patient but I was exposed just the same. The sheer amount of people waiting were more than enough indication of the infectious "crud" running rampant. I was fighting hard to stay well. Vitamins, fruits & veggies, gallons of water, more supplements and hand sanitizer like it's going out of style. I didn't care if I was in style or not, I asked for extra protection. There was no shame. 

Needless to say less than a month later we would be back in that same doctor office, only this time I would be the patient. It was a stomach bug in top of the flu. Without warning or invitation, the illness had completely taken over to make me rendered useless. I had done all I could to avoid it but now it had ransacked me. Doctors orders were that I might be contagious for 5-7 days. 

One. Hot. Mess. And by hot, I mean burning up with fever for three solid days. And by mess I mean a complete and utter mess. I was down and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I spent a lot of Time in bed. A lot of time doing a lot of nothing. 

My eyes were too blurry to read so I was listening to a devotional CD that posed the question about me being contagious. Oh I was contagious alright. Quarantined and alone, this wasn't talking about my flu bug but rather my joy. If I am to be infecting others, I need to do some serious soul searching. is the attitude I have being caught by those around me? If I'm being honest then I have to admit that my attitude isn't always what I'd want to share with others. It's certainly not what I'd want rubbing off on those around me if it means that they will inturn share the same attitude back. It's a convicting thought: is my joy contagious? Is what I'm saying and doing showing the love and joy of an Almighty God? 

I can get so caught up in the emotional roller coaster of my day worry that it halts my pursuit of joy. I've been gripped by a myriad of emotions and have been consumed by the circumstances around me. I've played the victim and allowed feelings to be my guide. Instead of choosing joy, I've allowed myself to sink into the pit of despair. I've justify my feelings were my own and they weren't affecting anyone else. Or were they?!

In light of a possible outbreak, it seems a check up is in order. If I am causing an epidemic, then it needs to be something worthy of those around me catching. I want to be contagious for all the right reasons. I don't want to be the one masked off to the world. I don't want to be the person others choose to avoid, or banished to solitude and quarantine because of an ill-tempered attitude. 

The bug may be gone but the infectious desire is not. Only this time I am determined to spread joy (and not the awful flu)! 


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