Today is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

It was a familiar song, although I admit I wasn't paying close attention. The music was mixed in with squeaks from a certain doodle dog happily playing with a toy. The smell of cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove were being overpowered by the aromas of the breakfast I was preparing, and of course the brewing coffee that would soon be mine to savor. My boys were still sleeping but I have the blessed curse of being wide awake no later than 7 a.m. on any given day. Nevermind it's Saturday. 

I sat down in my favorite chair, poised with books and ready to spend a few quiet minutes alone. I had been already thinking about the plan for the day, preparing for our family to come over for a night of pizza making and game time. Then there was tomorrow, an early morning praise band call time, two services, lunch - we would need to grab a bite out - an afternoon outing, and then there would be dinner - what should we have? Do I need to thaw something? There was a new recipe I had just pinned - maybe I could try that Monday when I had more time. Monday. I still needed to figure out a plan for juggling a no-school day, work-related appointments that a 6 year old could not attend and a few other things we had going on. My mind was working over-time now. I was about to pull open the calendar on my phone to review the week-at-a-glance and try to organize a plan for my upcoming week. I was disappointed and thankful all at the same time that I had purposely left my phone out of reach. Not to mention the fact that it was the weekend. Not the week ahead. Not yet at least. 

That brought me back to my original purpose. Me. My chair. Jesus. How easily I become distracted. How quickly my mind leaps ahead to things not even in my reach. I pulled out my newest devotional, Jesus Calling, a Christmas gift from my mom. I've so enjoyed the words from Jesus Today for a few years now and this addition has not disappointed.

I had to stop and think about the date as I flipped through to find today's words. I knew it was the weekend but was truly unaware of the calendar date assigned to this cold day in January. 

The 17th. Okay, there it was. The devotional for the day. 

Come to Me with a thankful heart so that you can enjoy My Presence.

I was distracted by the popping coming from the pan on the stove. Not to mention the incessant squeaking from the squeaker the dog had now retrieved from inside his stuffed toy. It was poised in his huge jaws and he was chomping on it like a piece of gum, squeaky, squeak, squeakity, squeak. 

Focus, Carrie. Read. Listen. I was admonishing myself to pay attention to Him and not my surroundings. 

This is the day that I have made. 

Wait a second. I was listening alright. And at the exact same time I was reading those words they were simultaneously being sung on the radio. 

Today is the day, You have made. 
I will rejoice and be glad in it. 
And I won't worry 'bout tomorrow, 
Trusting in what You say, today is the day.

The lyrical expression of this message continued as I read: I want you to rejoice today, refusing to worry about tomorrow...I can weave miracles into the most mundane day if you keep your focus on Me.

Truth. Straight from the pages, in chorus with the song on the radio. Miracles woven directly into my mundane day. My ordinary Saturday. A morning that hadn't quite fully dawned. Through the simple task of making breakfast, sipping coffee and tidying up the house, to the promise of my Savior to provide me with His Presence. He was there. In the midst of my mundane. Reminding me of the simple truth to focus on today. THIS DAY. Not tomorrow. Not yet, at least. If I spent all of today consumed with the plan for tomorrow, I would certainly miss what this day has in store and the miracles He is certain to weave throughout my day. Even in the mundane, He was certain to speak to me, through song or written word maybe, if I would just focus on the day in front of me and be aware of this day, today. 


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