Why I Write

Someone recently asked me why I write. I was formulating answers, sentences, stories, things I wanted to say in response. There was a full blown running commentary happening in my mind just at the posed question. I decided to give the cliff notes version instead: I have to write.

I write because I must. I see life in stories. When I'm all alone and watching life happen around me, I am writing it down in my mind, picturing how it would be described on page. When I'm reading another's words, inspiration, fiction or self-motivation, I find myself applauding the talent and skills of the author causing me to think deeper, taking me into their world. I imagine myself beside them as they write. I wonder what that setting looks like for them to be able to create.

When I experience life, lessons, learning, it comes to me in the form of words. I have to process what I read or feel by writing.

I have journals upon journals, page after page of written word. Feelings and thoughts, poems and songs. Things I couldn't have gone through alone but with the confidante of my journal by my side we weathered together.

I've transitioned from journal and pen to computer for the sheer fact I can type faster with fewer hand cramps. I'm always typing, writing, processing, getting it from my head to my fingertips to the page.

I cannot count how many blogs, journals, written pages have never been read by anyone other than myself. To click "publish" is simply a point of completion for my own self. I've said it before: it's not meant for anyone. It's mine. Simply mine. Often times there are readers along my journey. Please feel welcomed. Stay as long as you like. Read what you choose. Apply whatever you wish.

I never write for "likes" or "follows." This isn't about fans or friends. I write what I know, feel, learn, see, believe and understand. If it means something to you then I am thankful for the blessing. If it hurts you then I am sorry for the offense.

I'm not writing because I think what I have to say is more important than anything another might share. It's not that I believe my words will somehow be heard. I'm not asking for them to be. I'm writing them because they're mine and it's what I choose to do. It's what I must do.

As long as there are words in my mind, there will be words on the page. It is essential for me. I have to write.


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