Election Day

I need you to understand something. This isn't a secret and I don't make any apologies for it. I'm a born again Christ-following believer. My faith and relationship with Jesus Christ is everything to me. It is the core of my very being. My belief is in Christ, my Risen Savior, who saved me from my sinful state of separation so I can have the gift of eternal life with God in Heaven. This is who I am.

If you are like me, you find yourself rocked by the compounding election madness. And make no mistake, it's been nothing short of a circus. I don't have to recall it for you. Videos, emails, scandals, lies, mud slinging, name calling, Twitter wars, media coverage...we've endured it all for nearly two years. As it all comes to a head today, there's a cloud of doubt cast over the outcome. Choosing how to vote became a tumultuous battle of "the lesser of two evils." I've heard it, felt it, said it. I know.

This is why I'm writing today. It's so heavy on my heart. What this election means to me, to us as Christians, is more than one person can do or be in four years time. It will in fact tell us the state of our union, the pulse check of our country. As Christians we'll get the very clear picture of where things stand to protect the right to life, the sanctity of marriage, the biblical truths we hold to. This isn't about one man or one woman. This isn't about being stronger as a nation or making our country great. This is about the true state of who we are and where we stand. It's not about my candidate of "choice" winning today. It becomes the bigger issue of awareness of the state of our divided United States.

So what does this mean? We're waiting, holding out hope for a "miracle" and even that seems disappointing at best. Maybe we'll end up shocked. Maybe we'll shrug and sigh, knowing we did our best. Our best. Our human best. No, I don't believe our best representatives were on the ballot but it's no longer about choices and candidates. It's about the heart of the matter and the millions of souls being deceived and led astray. Not by men or women but by the Enemy who prowls and seeks whom he may destroy. It's absolute war but not in the flesh and blood. It's the spiritual warfare that creeps in and wreaks havoc on our minds, our hearts, our families, our homes, our beliefs and our way of life.

Today is Election Day, tomorrow the new President will be decided (hopefully), and the day after that we'll be settling in to accepting the bitter outcome. And therein lies the problem. What should happen now is a wake up call, a call to action, an active voice that goes beyond the ballot to speak the Truth in love. The Truth of God's saving redeeming love. The Love that came to each and every man and woman to save us from this world. What today means for Christians is the reminder that this world is not our home. We are but strangers here, yet not without hope. Our Hope is in the one Man who can and did save us. The one who came wrapped in flesh with all His God-ness to offer us hope. Eternal hope. So I'm holding onto that today. No matter what the outcome of this election. No matter who wins. No matter what man says (or woman). I'm trusting in my Sovereign Savior who not only holds the future, He raises up leaders, but more importantly is preparing a place for me where the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will reign Supreme.

That's what Election Day means to me. The very real reminder that Heaven is waiting. Lord, come soon. My hope, my eternal hope, is in Him.


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