It's Coming

That's it. I'm boycotting. I don't want to participate. You can't make me. It's my choice. It's my decision. If I choose to avoid doesn't make it go away. 

I'm talking about Daylight Savings time. I don't want to change the clocks back for multiple reasons. If you're a parent of small children you understand and you're dreading it too. I know what will happen. The 6 o'clock wake up call will inevitably turn into the ungodly hour of 5 am. Gone are the endless days of summer when we stayed outside until 9 pm. Now it will look like night time at 5:30 pm. 

Never the less, as much as I don't want it to happen, I don't support it, I'm not choosing it, it's coming. 

Just like the election. 

It's coming. Now only 3 days away. Whether or not I like it or the candidates, whether or not I choose to vote or forfeit my right and privilege, whether or not I support it...there will be a new president elected. With or without my vote. With or without my participation. 

I can't stop the election from happening. I can't control the outcome. I can only play my part by casting my vote. I can share in the mixed emotions of every other American. But whatever my role, the election is happening. The new president will be elected the same way daylight savings time is coming and will cause ripple effects. Make no mistake - the effects will be lasting, just like the last 8 years have greatly impacted us. We are a changed nation, whether we like that sad fact or not. And in my humble opinion it certainly hasn't all been for our good. 

So don't forget to change your clocks back tonight. If you have small children you won't have to worry about the clocks because the kids will inevitably be up regardless. But mark it down. Make a plan. Get out and make an informed vote on Tuesday. Regardless of what you think will happen. Regardless of what you do or don't like about each sub-par candidate. This isn't about making America great again and it doesn't necessarily prove we're stronger together. I can't promise your candidate of choice will win or that either candidate will bring about the change we want to see. But I can promise that now more than ever it becomes critical to play our part and participate. 

It's hard to decide if we'll breathe a sigh of relief that this brutal campaign will finally be over or if we'll hold our baited breath for four years. One thing is certain, it is coming. 


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