The Day After

What happened? There's shock and awe across the country. A lot of people woke up in fear today. Others couldn't sleep because of the events unfolding. Today carries mixed emotions from polarized people. And yet it is as I said days ago ... God is Sovereign and reigns supreme over any man and all people. 

It's been reported that we saw the highest evangelical voter turnout in decades. Our rights and privileges and responsibilities as Christians and Americans do not end with yesterday's vote. Now we must remain poised in prayer, rooted in faith, and grounded in our belief that God is in control. The voices of the unborn, the working class, those hoping for change must continue to be lifted in prayer to God. Let's not forget that how we got here has much to do with the power of prayer and the showing of our faith in the Lord, not a man, to restore us.

Can we the people restore our faith in humanity? Can we the people give each other credit for desiring the best for one another? Can we the people join together to stand united regardless of how we cast our ballots, voting not for a person but voting for each other? Voting for the inalienable rights of all people, even those not yet born, that we hold to Truth, not just constitutionally what we believe we deserve but biblically what we are bound to.  

Yesterday America's voice was heard. From sea to shining sea the map is colored in, lots of red, a little blue. But this is not about a color or party or an affiliation or even a candidate. Yesterday America voted for America. We voted for each other. We voted for our faith that not only our country can be good but that we can be good together. Stronger. Empowered. United. We didn't vote for one person and against another. We voted for the things we know are right. The things we know require our stance. The lives who cannot voice their own vote. Those struggling to make ends meet. Those compounded by problems because of where they live or the color of their skin. 

I take back what I said. This is not about the lesser of two evils, this is about the greater good of all people. This is about instilling American pride in the fact that we can believe not in a person but in a platform that will ignite us and unite us in prayer and hope. This is not about my believe or hope that one person might affect change but that we would be infected by the graciousness and goodness of what we deserve to give to each other, regardless of the color of our skin or the religion we claim or the party we voted for.

I'm not living in fear today but I'm not throwing a victory party because of one man. I'm celebrating the fact that we the people have spoken for the change and charge we hope will come. We weren't bound by polls and politically infused news coverage. We didn't let our social media obsession dictate our devotion to the heart of humanity. Now we must cross party lines and continue to pray, not just for God to guide the man in office but for His will to be done in our divided country. We have humbled ourselves and sought His face, now we must continue on bended knee as we seek to serve one another in love. 

Beloved, let us love one another. We're not with her or Him, we're with the Lord. Let everyone know we are HIS disciples by loving each other.  This is so much bigger than the Supreme Court. This is about the One who reigns Supreme. This isn't about defeat or victory. This is about the Lord who fights for us, the Victor and Champion who came to save us all. 

So today I extend my olive branch. I reach my hand across the divided lines that have so deeply wounded us. I share this message and implore you as Christians, just as I asked you all to vote, to now stand together and share and show Love the way it has been first shown to us. This, the day after such a chaotic political season, now marks the day we look to each other to begin the healing process. 


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