Here It Is

Here it is. The eve of the election; one of the most talked about, contested, debated and dividing elections our nation has ever seen. The blessed curse of social media and an overabundance of news coverage makes a news story out of everything. Nothing is sacred. Not an email, not a video. Make no mistake, wherever you go, whatever you do, someone is watching, documenting and taking note and it can and will be used against you, no matter how much time has passed. There's a lesson in and of itself but that's not my point here. At least not right now.

Here it is. Here's my point. I'm voting tomorrow. On the eve of this election I feel a lot of mixed emotions. I'm thankful that it's almost...over... I'm excited for the possibility. I'm nervous for the outcome.  I'm disgusted by the way the media has dictated the coverage to us. I am determined that nothing will stop me from casting my ballot tomorrow and like millions of others, I will be glued to Fox News all day long. I'm praying for the Lord to have His way. I get the human obligation and privilege - that we have the right to choose and let our voices be heard. I also understand the Sovereignty of God and His ability to raise up leaders. I don't know what His will is for this election but I know He's the only one of us who won't be surprised by the outcome. He doesn't need the media's predictions. He is Omniscient over all.

Here it is. I'm calling on you. Pleading. Imploring. I'm not ashamed to beg. PLEASE. Please, with all that is within me, I am asking for you to get out and vote tomorrow. Please don't sit at home. Please don't be passive about this one. Please don't overlook your role, your right, your privilege. I hope you'll count it as such. There's a certain American pride that comes with knowing you've done your part - even if your candidate of choice doesn't win, isn't projected to win, or isn't really your first choice. I get it. I understand. I've felt the same. I've questioned what to do and yet I've determined the cost is too great for me to do nothing. Take ownership of that pride and your role in voicing your vote tomorrow.

Here it is. I've done my best not to be divisive, not to cross lines or offend. But I can't keep silent any longer. There is too much at stake. Too much to risk. I'm voting to make America great again, and not because I believe one man can do that job. Truly because I am scared to death of what the alternative might be. I'm not swayed by scandal. I'm not voting for or against emails or videos. I'm voting with my Christian values as my guide. I'm voting to protect LIFE. I'm voting to protect my FAITH. I'm voting to stand in the gap for those who have fought, those who weren't even given a chance. I'm voting to defend the freedoms of speech that allow my Bible to be the inerrant Word of God preached freely every Sunday. We've already lost so much when it comes to our values, morals and beliefs. It's time. It's here. It's now. It's already too late to reverse some of the lasting effects of the Supreme Court and the constitutional rights meant to protect us. Now we must stand. Now we must act. Now we must not be idle or ignorant. Now we must vote.

So here it is. The eve before the 2016 Presidential Election. Here is my plea to you to vote tomorrow. Make the time. Make a plan. Make a decision to stand for your beliefs and to stand in the gap for our future that depends on you, me, all of us to get out and vote!


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