I admit. I have some O.C.D. tendencies. They may not have been as evident to me before, but now they're seemingly magnified as I watch these idiosyncrasies of my life being lived out by my son. Oops. Parenting Fail. The reality is not all of my O.C.D'ness (yes, I made that up) is bad. Things like having a routine and a schedule can be good for a child.

There's one obsession I simply must instill in him. In the early morning when he's sound asleep, I sneak in and pray over this little life. "Lord, shape his mind with thoughts about You. Grab hold of his heart to be on fire for You. Use his hands to serve You. Send his feet to go in Your name. Make this life a life that pleases and glorifies You."

"Turn your obsessions to your Savior." - Beth Moore

There's a Steven Curtis Chapman song that describes this:

<em>You are everything I want
You are everything I need
I want You to be my one consuming passion
Everything my heart desires
Lord, I want it to be all to be for You, Jesus
Be my magnificent obsession</em>

Is He everything you want?

Is He everything you need?

Is He all your heart desires?

Is He everything to you?

Turn every obsession over to Him.

Every insecurity, every fear, every doubt, every worry, every concern, every thought, every failure, every success, every proud moment, every blessing, every compliment, every cutting word, every moment of your life...

I want to be obsessed about my Maker. Crazy about my Savior. Completely hidden in Him. Overcome by His presence. Simply mind-blown by His grace and goodness. Absolutely overtaken by Him being everything I need. 

Yes, I am willing to admit it. I may be certifiably admitable crazy obsessed! And this is one trait I'm willing to pass on from generation to generation!


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