I have to admit. It can be a complete challenge having a wide-open 3 year old boy. There are moments when I simply want to scream. And there are other times when I can't get over the joy that this little life brings me. I love that he is curious - despite the incessant "Why's?" and "What's?" I love that he can turn a 4 foot high dirt pile into a new adventure - everyday. I love the silly things he says that simply crack me up.

What I also love are those moments when he first wakes up and wants to cuddle. I can hold him in my arms and be reminded of the days I rocked him to sleep each night. I comb my fingers through his blonde hair and whisper in his ear.

 "I have a secret."
"What mommy?" he asks.
"I love you soooooo big!" I say.

The smile on his face reveals the dimple in his right cheek and it's enough to melt my heart.

And recently he's returning the favor. "Mommy."

"Yes, E?"
"Um...I got a seee-kwet!"
"What is it?" I ask, as I lend my ear to him.
"I yuv you!"

Now my smile cannot be hidden.

I read a quote that reminds me it's okay to have secrets.

“Pray like no one’s listening; serve like no one’s watching; and give like no one’s counting. Be God’s best kept secret.”

Are you keeping a secret life? Not something you're ashamed of, but a life that you protect and hide in Him. You sacredly guard this time with your Savior, relishing His presence and His word.

You give without expecting gratitude. You serve without seeking praise. You go without looking for excuses. You pray without hesitation. You are His without regard for yourself.

In this secret place He reveals His secret to you.

"I love you. I cherish you. You're mine."

Be still my heart, Lord! Thank You for letting me be Your daughter! I love You, too!


  1. Wow! Where do all your great thoughts come from? You need to collect these for a book. I hope you are considering that.


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