Hello Blog

Hi blog. It's me. I'm back again just to check in. It's been a very eventful, very busy past few days. But I'm not really here to share any details.

I could spill my guts about emotions running wild, swirling thoughts, troubling circumstances. I could fill multiple entries with stories and lessons, scriptures and songs that are meaningful to me. I could reveal the deepest parts of my heart or the inner recesses of my mind. I could share points of inspiration and words of encouragement. But that's not why I'm here.

Today I write with no agenda. Nothing profound to share. No life lesson learned. No scripture to expound upon. I'm just simply here. I wish it were something more, but that would be an expectation of others and not the real reason I blog. The reason for this post is to serve as my reminder, just as I stated when I started this blog:

"The blog isn't meant for anyone. It's mine. My private thoughts. My talks with God. My discoveries of life. My lessons and experiences; my joy, my pain. This is who I am."

I'm sharing my thoughts with myself, really. My own journal, if you will. It's so I can remind myself of the good times, the bad times, the life lessons, the hardships, the trials and the victories, the stories, the memories, the moments I want etched in my mind for all eternity. I write for me.

Another blogger shared:
I write what I need to remember. Words are the trail markers I leave on the journey of life so I can say, “Oh, yes, I’ve passed this way before. Now I know how to move past this place again.”

If you dare to read, you're welcome to it. It doesn't bother me that you take a glimpse into my life and the things I care to share. I find people sharing in my journey along the way and that's when I realize I'm not alone. I'm not writing for anyone, but I'm not writing for everyone either. I'm just writing. Documenting. Processing. And when people come along and identify with what I'm thinking, feeling, experiencing, or living, well, it reminds me none of us ever have to go it alone. And having it documented  helps me know how to move through the valleys, recall the mountain tops, relish in the God-moments, swoon with a Mother's Heart, laugh because This is Me and worship at the Altars established along the Journey.

So, dear blog, I write. I give this entry no more attention than the others, and no less thought than any one before. You've always given me a place to bring my thoughts, share my words, and offer my heart.


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