Election Day

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, is Election Day.

It's the day you have the right to vote. It's the day, whatever else your schedule may include, that should also include making time to cast your ballot. Too busy, you might say? See below:  

I can assure you, this post will not sway you to vote a certain way. In fact, even if you are for the party I oppose, I still implore you to vote. (Albeit shameful of me to admit I'm semi-hoping there are more "lazies" in the opposing party!) I still echo the semtiment above - if you choose not to exercise your right to vote, then I wholeheartedly concur you forgeit any opportunity to complain. Period.  Why? Because...

You want your voice heard? Vote. You don't like something? Vote. You want to see things changed? Vote. 
 How on earth would one little vote impact such a monumental election?

During the 2000 Bush/Gore Campaign, I worked as a producer for the local NBC affiliate. I will never forget that fateful night in the newsroom, "Bush wins. No he doesn't. Yes he does. Wait. There are hanging chads..."

Well into the hours of the night, we had yet to know who would actually be the next President of the United States. The excitement in the newsroom was thrilling. The anticipation of the next president  was overwhelming as we waited for what would happen next.

Then it was announced: They will count the ballots. Every last vote. The hanging chads created a stir that we'll never forget, but also reminded us that:

I admit, have not thrust my undying support behind any particular candidate this year. I've not posted one message about which party or candidate I'm supporting. In campaigns past, I've donned the bumper stickers, penants, and other  paraphenalia to show my support of the one who would get my vote.

Yes, this year has felt different, but regardless, I still have a choice. The vote I cast is not about all the things I like or don't like. It's more about the opportunity I've been given to take part in a process that actually let's me play a role. My voice. My right. My responsiblity.

Election Day. November 6, 2012. VOTE!


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