It's just a few hours before the end of another year and the start of yet one more. I'm not here to pause and reflect because there's a lot I'd rather forget from this past year of ups and downs.

I'm recognizing a theme in everyone's new years posts: New beginnings. Fresh starts. Do-overs. It seems at the start of a new year we're all hopeful it will bring the hope of bigger, better, brighter. For some it's health. For others it's wealth. It's love, hope, healing, happiness or any number of things that cause us to have belief in the start of something new representing a turning point in life. Some may resolve to start out with commitments and promises in an attempt to better themselves.

There was no single turning point for me January 1, 2012. But as I recall the events, people, and happenings of the year that Is drawing to a close, there's a lot that's happened in the past that is now woven into the new year that is to come. It's not a new start, exactly. It becomes a part of my history. A part of me, my past, my story. What's happened, good and bad, has become wound into the fabric of my life. Some years look a lot more matted up than others. And sometimes the knots from behind don't appear to make any kind of resemblance of sense. But on the flip side is what is to be a masterpiece that makes up me.

So I can't quite say goodbye because there are threads that will forever be a part of my life. But I do look forward to the turning point that is 2013 and the assurance I have that God has promised me a hope and a future for my good and not for my harm. I reflect on the past and the lessons that have come and the growing pains that have ensued. I get excited about the future and what's to come. I can't know what to expect but with each new day I'm given the assurance of new mercies available to me, no matter what may come.

I pray 2013 will bring you continued hope of the things to come as you reflect on what has already been.

Happy New Year!


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