Elf on a Shelf

I've been asked to keep a running post of Jokey's antics for our Elf on a Shelf game. My original post has had more hits than most of my other blogs combined. I am sure this is the result of google searches, but regardless, this will be the post that now keeps up with Jokey. I've posted a few other blogs about our Elf and how he fits into our Christmas Celebration.
Here and Here.
If you know me you know I am not going to just be a copy cat. I have to put my own Carrie-spin on it, along with the fact that I changed the rules of the game to fit more appropriately with our own celebration of Christmas and Christ's birth.
This is the letter Jokey came with:

Dear Elijah,
First off, I have to tell you how special you are. I know how much you are loved by your family. God created you in Sarah’s tummy but He perfectly placed you in family when you were adopted. There are so many people who love you and prayed for you and you need to know that you are an answer to prayer.
Just like your family adopted you, I’m giving you a very special assignment to adopt “Jokey” the Elf. He’ll be staying with you until Christmas Day. He is a dear friend of mine, but he tends to be a bit naughty. He gets into mischief and does all kinds of things to play jokes on people. So watch out because you never know where you’ll find him or what mess he will have made each morning when you wake up.
Elves are not the same as humans. Jokey will stay still all day but comes alive at night. You can talk to him, play with him, and he can be a part of your imagination. But he will be quiet all day and then play at night once everyone is sleeping. That’s usually when he gets into trouble, so you’ll have to keep an eye on him!
Sometimes you make bad choices and sometimes you disobey. But Jesus loves you all the time and so does your family. To help you remember we are given love even when we don’t deserve it, I want to ask you to help me while Jokey stays with you. I have a very important responsibility for you to help teach him to make good choices. But the most important job is to help him understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas is because it’s Jesus’ Birthday.
Jokey is really enjoying staying with you so make sure you take care of him and teach him how to make good choices! I’ll be back on Christmas to pick up Jokey and take him back to the North Pole to be with me until next Christmas…and I’ll be bringing you a SPECIAL Christmas present! Until then…be a good boy!



Hanging upside from the ceiling with a note
Milk & Cookies with friends
He's holding Baby Jesus in the Nativity and wants to know more about the Christmas story

A craft/learning project teaching Elijah how to spell his name with marshmallows and Cheez-its

Jokey packed his lunch with Reindeer Food (Chex Mix), Gingerbread House decorations (gummies), Cookies (for Santa, of course) and Elf Food (mini sandwiches)

Jokey had E's clothes on for school

He added snoflakes to a craft project Elijah had already completed

A roll of toilet paper from Elijah's room all the way downstairs


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