5 Days of Thankfulness

November came without warning. In the middle of unpacking and trying to organize, balancing schedules, jobs, school and a host of other demands, I somehow lost track of the day of the week - let alone what the date was. 

It wasn't until I started seeing numbered posts of Thanksgiving when I realized everyone else was already on Day 3 and I hadn't even started. 

I'm going to be honest. I'm burning the candle at both ends - and if it had 5 points to it, I'd be burning it at all of those too! Many of those points make up my reasons for being thankful. I say all that to add the disclaimer that I might not make it to 30. Wait, let me rephrase. I most assuredly can find 30 (or more) reasons to give Thanksgiving...but I can't quite commit to daily keeping track throughout the month.

However, I of all people have so much to be grateful for and I want to share.

1. My Savior. To be more than cliche, I'd be lost without Him. My life was in utter ruins and mounds of chaos but He's never rejected me. Rather, He's redeemed me, scraped off the chaff, and given me grace, mercy and new life. Oh wonderful merciful Savior, how I love and adore you!

2. My husband. In yet another cliche I must admit that Prince Charming has come into my life and swept me off my feet. I'm well aware I don't deserve his kindness, his service, his unconditional love. I cannot even count the number of ways he seeks to serve and love me on a daily basis. From having the coffee ready each morning to doing the laundry to giving me feet rubs to laughing with me when I'm goofy and holding me when I cry. Can I be cliche again and add that I've finally found the love of a life? (cue the music...)

3. My son. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to go through such a struggle in MY attempt to have a baby that resulted in his adoption. THANK YOU GOD HIS BIRTHMOM CHOSE LIFE! My precocious, energetic, creative, imaginative, and tender-hearted little boy has changed my life forever and taught me how to love unconditionally. 

4. My family. Supportive is not enough to describe how much I have relied upon my family over the years. They've put up with me through way more than they ever signed up for and they've been my biggest cheerleaders no matter how much I've failed or hurt them. 

5. My pastor and his family. They are like family to me, having grown up as the Deacon's Kid alongside the Pastor's Kid. Yet again I can't say how much they've offered prayers, support, encouragement along the way, no matter what.

6. My job. I never thought I'd turn in the keys to Liberty after a successful 12 year career there, but I've also never looked back. Since April I've enjoyed one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs that excites and ignites me. I'm having so much fun!

7. My weaknesses. There are things I regret, things I wish I could redo or wipe clean, but my weaknesses have taught me I'm not superwoman. I am human, fallible, and most importantly in need of a Savior. My weaknesses have shown me HIS strength. When I thought I was in control, capable of fixing/doing/handling, my weaknesses revealed to me my need for Him.

8. Prayer. I am thankful for the opportunity to openly communicate with The Lord and to take everything to Him in prayer. I know I don't do it enough (I know I'm not alone) but I am forever grateful to know that at any moment, no matter what, I can go to Him in prayer.

9. Music. You know this if you know me - music is embedded in my soul. Songs fill my life and my mind. The words echo in my heart. There's always a song on my lips and I'm thankful for the ability to worship Him through music.

10. My home. I didn't mean to save this for "last." Having moved 6 times in the past 4 years, living out of storage units, boxes, containers, and being in a state of perpetual "unsettledness," the comfort, joy and peace that comes from knowing my clothes are unpacked and in dressers or hanging, my kitchen is in the order that I want it... The comfort of knowing "I'm home" and this is where my family rests and lives...it's priceless. I cannot say with more gratitude how much of a blessing this home is, the whole process, and knowing that we are home.

I know...I've got more than 5. That just means I'm caught up until November 10th! (Or I'm an over-achiever!) <wink>


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