So Long Insecurity

I'm about to make a bold statement. Wait for it...

Everyone struggles with insecurity. Everyone. Period. You cannot convince me otherwise.

You see the truth about insecurity is it's mostly wrapped up in lies. Hold tight, you know I'll explain.

I don't care who you are, what you've done, how much you've achieved, whatever your accomplishments. No matter how good you look, feel, speak, do, whatever, I'm convinced every single one of us is haunted by some level of insecurity.

It's more than its definition of a lack of confidence. No, this is something that truly hits at the core of every person. It's as unique to an individual as their fingerprint...because it is the very thing that can strip away every ounce of confidence, every belief in one's self or dream, and hit at the heart of who each of us believe we are or think we should be.

In some ways the things we fear we aren't, or maybe worse the things we fear we are, tend to be the driving force of insecurity. Sometimes this driving force can help lead us to bigger, better, more, success, achievement. Not always a "bad" driving force. It's also the driving force that can lead to defeat, discouragement, emotional battering and mental paralysis. It can cause us to convince ourselves that we aren't, never will be, can't, won't, don't, and any other form of self-defeat that leaves us worthless. It can lead to giving up, hanging it up, throwing in the towel, or maybe never even trying at all.

Listen to this:

"Whenever you start to feel insecure - about anything - come to Me. Talk with Me about your fears and concerns; then affirm your trust in Me. Voicing your trust connects you with Me at a deep level. It also pushes back the darkness of deception. The evil one has been deceiving people ever since time began... Do not listen to his lies. Instead, put your trust in Me, for I am absolute Truth." - Jesus Today

There it is. Proof positive this insecurity is deceitful lies from the master of deceit himself. What is also wrapped up in this nugget of truth is how we overcome this paralysis of insecurity that causes such defeat. Trust in the One who made us. Trust in the One who fashioned us with His own hands. Trust in the One who breathed His very breath of life into us. Trust in His belief in us. Trust in His view of us. He is absolute Truth so anything else we believe about ourselves is outside of His truth and therefore must be a lie. 

Everyone struggles with some variation of insecurity. Some "truth" they believe about themselves that is actually nothing more than a lie from the devil himself. But the Creator of the Universe fashioned each and every one of us in His image. His truth brings freedom from the deception, strength in weakness and hope in the fact that we are who He says we are, we can do what He says we can do, and that's the only belief we have to claim!


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