Do you see me?

I can see you hurting and I know that you're in pain...

To the one who's in the thick of the battle, court dates and lawyers, bitter fights and gruesome accusations. The divorce is inevitable. Your heart is breaking over the children, the love lost, the choices made, the destruction that follows. I can see you hurting.

To the one whose heart is breaking, wrestling with all the things you were told, every word you bought as truth, now somehow trying to convince your mind and your heart that this ache will go away. Your loneliness is suddenly magnified. Your singleness once again identified. I can see you hurting.

To the one who is yet again undergoing tests, waiting for results, visiting doctor after doctor, and enduring appointment after appointment, praying for wisdom with treatment plans, praying for an even bigger miracle. Your strength and faith is to be admired, yet I can see you hurting.

To the one who is waiting, yet another month goes by and disappointment comes once again. You've cried tears too many times. You wonder why God would give you this desire without giving you a child. You endeavor such a private, painful struggle, enduring all the questions of unknowing friends who wonder when you're going to have a baby. I can see you hurting. 

To the one who finds yourself with an unexpected pregnancy. You certainly didn't see this coming. You know this baby is a gift from God, but you're having a hard time understanding His plan in the midst of all that swirls around you. I can see you hurting. 

To the one who sits alone, wondering if your marriage will ever survive. Hope and prayer seem too far gone for you at this point. No one truly knows the ache in your heart and the depth of the distance that's grown between you. It would take a miracle now, and that's the only thing you hold onto. I can see you hurting. 

To the one who feels too far from grace. Your burden is laden with guilt, weighing you down to the point of paralyzation. You wonder how forgiveness could ever be yours. You feel too far beyond His reach, too covered in sin to ever be redeemed. I can see you hurting. 

I've been there too. Hiding the silent pain you endure, wrestling with hope, prayer and reality. Trying to make sense of your circumstances, and trying to find the strength to make it through one more day. 

You are never beyond His reach. Your burden is never too much for Him to bear. This is the point, at the very pit of the valley you find yourself in, where you look up and let The Lord take over. Your miracle may not come right away - and it may not come the way you expect or are praying. But rest assured this is exactly where He gives you the strength to make it one day at a time. He sees you and He knows - the pain you're hiding, the tears you silently cry. 

He knit together the very heart that is crushed within you. He formed the very spirit that is now too weak to carry on. He breathed life into the flesh and bones that seem to be failing you. 

He sees you hurting. He knows you're in pain. He sees every tear and knows every ache in your soul. He sees you, He knows you, He created you, He loves you and He has never left you. 


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