Just Another Day

It was pouring down rain. The dog wanted to go outside but I asked him to wait. I should have known better, trying to reason in people terms with a 6 month old puppy who only knows the business of "now."

I won't tell you that everything that could go wrong was going wrong. Our house is no different than any other household during the morning routine. Get the kids ready for school. Pack lunches. Take the dog out. Try to squeeze in a quick workout. Maybe there's a few extra moments to have some quiet time. Who am I kidding?! It's like this on any given morning in any given household, right?! (Please tell me I'm right, otherwise I've lost all hope!)

I told a grumpy 5 year old he could sleep a few more minutes while I got breakfast ready and packed lunch. When I returned upstairs I was greeted by a precocious puppy and a horrific stench. There it was. In the middle of the floor. A great big mound. Big dogs = big ... well, you get the picture. 

Upon cleaning up that mess, I went to retrieve his bone that would accompany him to his crate where he would remain the rest of the morning only to find one of Eli's reading books shredded. 

Eli was determined to wear his Batman shirt today and wouldn't get dressed until he had it. The only problem was it was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I searched every drawer, the laundry. It was M.I.A. 

"Supermom" to save the day, I remembered buying him a new Batman shirt that had been on clearance. It was 2 sizes too big because I bought it for next year, but it was Batman and he was happy and finally dressed.

By the time we made our way downstairs I was grumbling, he was whining and the dog was whimpering as he had to be drug to his caged home for the next few hours. My husband was miles away at his job, feeling a distant outsider to the family drama that was unfolding. It didn't seem to matter what happened, whatever it was contributed to the mounting frustrations and growing irritations that were now plaguing us all.

This was not the way I wanted to start the day. 

I finally had the dog put up only to find the shoes my son needed to wear were covered in mud. Of course they were. Because "you never listen when I tell you to change your good shoes and not to play in the mud with them on" I scolded him. 

I wasn't quite prepared for his response. There he was sitting on the counter, eating breakfast, swinging his legs. He looked up at me with sorrowful eyes then unknowingly scolded me, "Mom, you're getting grouchy. I think you should pray."

There was nothing I could do but stop dead in my tracks. How could I do anything other than answer his humbling plea after I had been huffing and puffing and demonstrating my irritation?!

"You're right, son. Thank you for the reminder. Let's stop and prayer."

I prayed outloud and asked for God's forgiveness. When I was done, I asked for my son's forgiveness. He seemed surprised at this. 

"Mom, even grown ups have to ask forgiveness?"

"Oh yes, we must, we don't always do it but we should."

It could have happened in your house today. Maybe worse. I don't know what growing frustrations you had to battle. I don't know what measure of grace you used to make it through. All I know is today almost got the best of me...but I'm so thankful it didn't.

It was just another day. Another day of problems. Another day of situations. Another day with unpredictable circumstances. Another day where things would happen beyond my control. Another day where I would have choices to make. Another day I would be reminded of the great responsibility I have to train a child in the way he should go. Another day a child would have to remind me how to get back to the most important thing.

Oh yes, just another day. 


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