The Psalms of Ascent...15 Psalms starting in chapter 120 that were sung on the Israelites' ascent to Mount Zion. The parallel is drawn for us today of the spiritual ascent we take in our walk with the Lord. Moving forward. Walking. Going. Growing.

It's movement upward. To me that's movement toward the Lord. It's movement toward a higher state. Not necessarily of fame or notoriety but a higher state of mind; a mind like Christ, if you will. Ascent toward His will being worked out in my life. Close enough with the heart of God that His desires become my desires. His ways become my ways. The unfathomable traits of Almighty God begin to take root in my own flawed characteristics that so often fall short.

What I also know is that the higher you climb, the further your fall can be. It's the natural law of gravity. (Don't worry - I didn't do so well in Physics so I'll spare you the science lesson.) Naturally, if you're at the top of the mountain, a quick slip of the foot could make a fall disastrous. I guess this is why I love Psalm 121:3: "He will not let your foot slip..."

I also notice a determination that must exist in me. In this journey - and don't forget, it's an uphill climb - I must play my part.

"I call on the Lord..." 120:1
"I lift up my eyes to the hills..." 121:1

"I rejoiced..." 122:1
"I will seek..." 122:9
"I lift up my eyes to You..." 123:1
"I wait for the Lord..." 130:5
"I do not concern myself..." 131:1
"I have stilled and quieted my soul..." 131:2
"I know that the Lord is great..." 135:5

It requires my action. It requires my faith. If I'm going to climb the mountain, I can't do it looking down. Why? Because looking down means looking back. Lifting my eyes upward is the direction I need to go, but more than that it's the Person I need to follow.

I must seek. I must wait. Sure, there will be stops along the way - it's a lifelong journey. There will be times I must move and there will certainly be times I must be still and quiet and wait.

While this upward movement demands my action and initiative, it also requires my willingness to submit. I cannot be concerned with the details of where this journey will lead. To the top, Carrie. Duh. It's either up or down, so decide.

The way may be tough. It might be a dangerous climb. It could quite possibly mean sudden death in the event of a fall. But I've been through the valley. I don't want to camp my tent there. I'm choosing to ascend.

Enjoy this BeBo Norman song as you climb.
I Will Lift My Eyes


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