Psalm 23

It may be one of the most familiar passages quoted, recited, put on plaques, hung on the walls and recognizable to even unbelievers.

The 23rd Psalm - a song about the Lord who is the great shepherd. A song about where and how He leads. A song about His protection and deliverance. A song about His comfort. A song that boasts of His promises and  supplication.

Even so, I have to pause for a moment to be reminded that among all of the promise and supplication and protection and deliverance...The Lord is...

Simply and complexly, the Lord is...
The Lord is my all-in-all.
The Lord is alpha and omega.
The Lord is my sufficiency.
The Lord is my light and my salvation.
The Lord is my life and my refuge
The Lord is everything I need beyond just supplying for my needs.
The Lord is my God, my rock and my fortress.
The Lord is Almighty, Sovereign and All-knowing.
The Lord is for me and no one can be against me.
The Lord is my deliverer and King.
The Lord is Creator, Elohim.
The Lord is Jehovah.
The Lord is my kinsman redeemer.
The Lord is lover of my soul.

The Lord is...

Yes, He is my shepherd and I shall not want. And because of that great fact, I can also claim the Lord is. He's whatever I need Him to be whenever I need it. The Lord is mine and mine to claim. And in this beautiful truth, He's yours too. I don't know what you need Him to be, but the Lord is!


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