Do you blog?

The blogging community is an interesting one. Along with other forms of social media, bloggers become acquaintances, friends, confidantes and supporters all through URL's and computer screens.

I appreciate the hundreds of people who regularly read my blog. I don't even know who you are or where you are. My "stats" show me more than 20 countries in which this blog is read, 12 or so that access it frequently. I've said this blog isn't for anyone, rather it is my own, but the truth is these are but my words, my experiences, and I'm willing to share. With whom? With you. Anyone who chooses to read. As I say in my bio, I am seeking God and want to bring people along the journey.

Sure, as we've discussed, I get judged, ridiculed, criticized, and even praised. I should write about things less chaotic. I should write more devotionals. I shouldn't share so much. I shouldn't be so honest; I should be more honest. I do love hearing feedback, whether you're brave enough to publicly post or if it sparks an email or private message. (By the way, you can always reach me privately at carriehispraises @ gmail dot com)

All of this to say, today my blog is being featured by another blogger. A friend I've only gotten to know through the blogging community and twitter. Someone I may or may not ever meet, but a life that this silly little blog has touched and impacted. And truly I say...I am humbled, grateful, and give God the glory.

Thank you, Diana, for the words you have said and for sharing my blog with your own readers. I pray you, like Diana, will find some grace in the words I type. Truly it is all to bring Him glory because even today as I've been reminded, I am nothing without and apart from Him!

Make sure to show Diana some love, too!


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