It's hard to believe he's 4. He has a personality as big as his imagination. I love to just watch and listen as he creates his own world of play. I can't help but laugh at some of the things he says. And for the sake of wanting to always remember, I share these "E'isms" with you.

Eating lunch
E: Mom what IS this?
Me: Noodles and cabbage.
E: Mommmm, stop feeding me GARBAGE!

PunishmentE: You're not my best friend anymore!
Me: That's okay...I'm still your mom.
E: No, I'm not gonna let you!
Me: It's my job. You're stuck with me forever.
E: Forever?? Mom, is that longer than naptime?

A Great Idea
E: Mom, this'll be a great idea, right?
Me: Sure, E! I agree.
E: Mom, it's not a great idea unless I say it!

E: Let's pretend this is a fish. Does a fish eat grass?
Me: No, fish don't eat grass.
E: Yes, they do because I said so.
Me: Well, then I guess a fish eats grass.
E: No, mom, a fish doesn't really eat grass...You just have to pretend!

E: Mom, look at the beautiful sunset! Do you love it?! It's pink and purple - PURPLE! Your favorite color!

Love & HappinessE: I love you, mom
Me: I love you too, E!
E: Mom, are you happy?
Me: Yes!
E: Are you happy with ME?
Me: Yes, I'm happy with you. I love you!
E: (Standing up on the bed with arms raised to the ceiling) This is how happy I am!

Attention to Detail
E: I love your pretty eyeshadow.
Me: Thanks E!
E: Mom, are you happy?
Me: Yes, those were kind words that made my heart happy!
E: Do you love me?
Me: I love you SOOOOO BIG!
E: I love you too...but I don't like your hair that way! (it was curly/scrunched)

Bedtime prayers
Me: Dear God, please give Elijah sweet dreams...
E interrupts: And don't forget to ask God to sing songs over me
(From Zephaniah 3:17)
His turtle "Crush"... Duuuude

Training a child in the way he should go. Iced Latte All the way!

Cool Pool Dude

Pool Day!


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