4 a.m Talks

I was awake. Wide awake. Dare I look at the clock? I already knew what it would read.
4 a.m. I'm getting used to this.

"This worry is not from Me. It's an attack from the Evil One who seeks to destroy you. But I have overcome and victory is yours because of Me."

I know, Lord, I know. All these things ring true to me...

"I have a plan for you, oh and it's good! Even while I was forming you, I was planning all the days of your life. I saw your unformed body and started creating you in My image. I've had my hand on you ever since."

Father, sometimes I feel so unsettled. I can't quite seem to find rest.

"My daughter, My peace is yours to claim. Not the fallible peace the world offers, but peace that passes all understanding. You don't have to know what I'm doing, or where the path will lead, you just have to follow and trust Me."

I trust you Lord. I do. I know you don't want to harm me. I know you're working all things out for my good...

"I began a new work that I will perform until the day of completion. You need only to rest under my wings where you will find safety and rest."

Sometimes this burden is too much for me to bear. I feel so overwhelmed.

"I've told you, child, cast all your cares and worries upon me. My burden is easy and My yoke is light. I will walk beside you and lead you beside quiet pastures and still waters where you will bask in my goodness and mercy. My plan is for your cup to run over."

God, You have been so good - SO GOOD! I am overwhelmed by You. I just don't deserve ....

"I keep you as the Apple of My Eye. You are my daughter and I, Your King, am enthralled with your beauty. As you draw until Me, I will show you even more of Myself. I did not mean to leave you as you are. No, I am not finished. Even now I am burning away the chaff and refining you as my own."

Sometimes, Lord, just being honest... It hurts.

"What I am doing is for my own glory and the reflection I want others to see is your life hidden in Me."

His words were like a whisper in my ear, quietly calming my spirit. I curled into my pillow as if I was resting my head on His chest. I could almost sense Him stroking my hair as I began to relax. His presence was now the only thing that overwhelmed me and peace had replaced my unrest. I had not yet figured out every detail...but that was no longer on my mind.

I know some of you are truly struggling. More than one of you has admitted to being wide awake at all hours of the night. I know you're crying out to Him. I know you're seeking Him. In those early morning hours, I pray you find Him. I pray you hear from Him. I pray His peace passes over you and I pray your spirit finds rest. I know some of you are dealing with things so far beyond what you can comprehend, or even begin to deal with. He has a plan for you. He wants to prosper you. He wants to draw you unto Himself. He wants to comfort you. I pray you'll experience Him, even when sleep doesn't come.


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