I was about to write this blog on Friday after a very big and very specific answer to prayer. Then time got away from me, I had a very busy weekend, a Miss America party, a garage to clean, and then I got sick. So by the time I got back around to this unfinished draft, I had to stop and ask myself where exactly I was headed. You see, Friday I was singing God's praises, in awe of how He handles the details. By Sunday I was overwhelmed with emotion, but of a different kind.

Feelings are ever-changing. Constantly teasing us with the cycle of highs and lows. But what I've learned in the midst of unreliable emotions is my life rests in an always-reliable, never-changing God.

If I'm honest, I was somewhat surprised at how quickly He gave an answer to something I just started asking for. But why was I surprised? Is He not God? Did He not say for me to ask and seek and I would find? Did He not say the answer would be given? It's not that I was doubtful, or was it? It's not wrong to ask Him for answer to prayer, the way I hope He'll answer. But I've also grown accustomed to including the addendum, "not my will but thine." So I guess when I dissect this, I realize the shock and awe was that He answered how I hoped He would. For that, I must pause and say thanks. Thank You, Lord!

Here's the thing. If He'd answered a different way I would still be giving praise. If it hadn't been how I had hoped, He would still be good, and I would still rejoice in His sovereignty in my life.

It seems the harder I try to keep my will surrendered to His the more I'm reminded how He wants me to bring Him the desires of my heart. He doesn't wish to always take me through the fire, though I've spent my fair share of lesson-learning in the blaze. So with yet another reminder, I'm giving Him all the praise.

Flex Your spiritual muscle, Lord, and may You receive the honor that You're due. I worship You for answered prayers, and unanswered ones, because I know no matter what You decide, You are working all things for my good according to Your purpose!


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