The Right Way

I found myself lost in my reading from Jesus Today as my Savior reminds me, "This world in its fallen condition can never satisfy you fully. You yearn for perfection, and I am the fulfillment of that deep longing."

He's urging me, "Look the right way." In essence, look to Him. I admit my deficient attention span when it comes to the distractions all around me.

I know it. I sense it. Deep within the marrow of who I am and at the very center of my core, I long for more. I desire perfection. This is what I was made for - eternity. But I'm a stranger here and the things in this world are waging war against my soul (I Peter 2:11-12). I live in conflict because I live in a fallen state, the depravity of my own flesh, and yet I recognize that perfection will only be attained once I make it to my final, eternal destitination with Most Holy God.

So here in the in-between I struggle with the fulfillment of that deep longing...and that's the very place He urges me to choose the right way. Because He knows. He created me, so He knows. He understands that the limits of my humanity cause me to stray outside of His righteousness. When I choose for myself that which is temporary, momentary, fleeting and self-seeking, I lose sight of the eternal permanence of His Holiness and that which He's truly created me for.

You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.
Psalm 16:11

That is what I seek. The way of life - HIS way of life. The right way. The joy of His presence overflowing in my life so that it infiltrates every part of who I am. The pleasure of living with Him forever as a constant guide for each and every choice I make here in the temporal.

And what about the times that hasn't been true of me? What about the lessons I've had to learn the hard way? What about the decisions I've made on my own accord? What of the times I've taken matters into my own hands? What about the distractions I've gravitated toward and become engaged in? What about the times I yearned for perfection but sought to fulfill the longing with something far less?

These lessons are reminders of my humanity, but even more, my need for a Savior. Praise God His grace is sufficient for even me. I'm given grace for this moment. But I have to decide to claim it. I have to choose it. I have to turn the right way and follow Him. If I lost sight of Him, the world around me will surely grab hold of me and pull me a million wrong directions. If I listen to the temptations buzzing about, I may risk choosing my own way. But if I listen closely and stay arm-in-arm with Him, I will hear His voice reminding me as I feel His tender strength nudging me in the way that is right.


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