60 Seconds

I just ate lunch at the M word. Before you cast judgment I am already hanging my head in shame. In some ways I feel like I cheated on my company, considering I'm still on the clock even though I was running through the drive-through on my lunch break. Don't worry cows, I didn't get a burger.. I know all my juice plus friends are having a freak out right now thinking about their mummified chicken nugget and fries from 14 years ago. Don't worry- I'll double up on gunmies.

I waited my place in line in the double drive-through. When it was my turn I pulled up to the speaker only to hear a girl on the other end ask, "Can I help you?" Her tone was short. I suddenly felt like I was a nuisance and even though I knew what I wanted to order I was slightly taken back by her wondering why I was there. 

"Um, I'd like to place an order," I told her. 

"Go ahead," she instructed me pointedly. 

I told her what I wanted and her response was for me to check the screen. 

"It's correct," I said. And I was instructed to pull forward. Good thing I have experience with drive-thrus otherwise I could have been stumped. 

When I pulled up to the first window, I found myself greeting the cashier and asking how he was. 

He looked away as if he hadn't heard me and focused on the screen while talking to me (I think) to confirm what I had. I told him that was indeed my order and handed him my payment. His only words back to me were to give me instructions on the hour glass timer he handed me To "see if we get your order in 60 seconds or less."

I normally feel rushed to throw my wallet back together and put the receipt somewhere (usually the floor board). But I dropped both my card and the receipt as fast as I could and I immediately became distracted by the timer. I tapped it, shook it, and admittedly attempted to see if I could make time move faster. It kept time with its trickle of grains, ignoring my attempts. As I waited I could hear the girl over the speaker asking others behind me if they could be helped. Just once I was waiting for some smart aleck to answer her by saying "yes, I need a lot of help but I don't think you can help me." Why hadn't I thought about that sooner. 

Second window. My turn. But before I could even fully approach the window, I saw a hand thrust outside it with a drink and straw. She was waiting for me before I had even arrived. Fast service, indeed. But she looked annoyed at me and I thought maybe I was in trouble. Then I remembered she was serving me and I didn't know her from Adam so I reassured myself I'd done nothing wrong. I was putting the drink in my cup holder and turned around to see her shoving my bag of food in my face with one hand while the other was outstretched with open hand. I gave her back her timer, glancing first to ensure there was still time remaining. As soon as she saw that, she smiled. Only the smile was at the timer and not at me. I guess the goal of the day was pleasing the timer and not the customer. 

Am I being harsh? Maybe. What's harsh is that less than an hour later I'm feeling the affects of why I don't eat fast food. 
But The way I see it is if you've only got 60 seconds (or less) to make an impression, is the goal speed or is it courtesy? I'd rather be treated like a human, a worthwhile person, than an accomplishment. My food was hot and fast. But it didn't make me feel any better. 

What about you? What kind of impression can you make in 60 seconds? I'm challenged not to treat people like an accomplishment, but rather like people. 


  1. Carrie,

    I have been following your blog now for about 8 months and this is the first time I've commented.

    I find it encouraging, real, transparent, and uplifting; even through your trials. Why? Because God is so evident in your life! I feel sometimes like your words are my quiet time with the Lord; a time to reflect on my life and how His love has impacted me in similar ways that He has yours. And there is ALWAYS a biblical lesson and application to meditate on at the end.

    Today’s post was comical, yet impactful. You see, I periodically stop in at the M place in the morning and they are incredibly fast and efficient…even hanging my drink & food out the window before I get there. Amazing. While I have always loved how fast they are in the morning, you’ve given light to being treated like a real person. The employees at my local M are very courteous and ALWAYS have my food ready with a personable smile, so I don’t feel quite so mistreated. But you’re right; there should be some personable interaction from one human being to another. Enlightened.

    So, I just wanted to take this moment to tell you thank you. Thank you for sharing your heart and your innermost thoughts. They are healing for me. Even though, I know you don't right for anyone out here, you definitely have an impact.

    May God continue to shine His brilliant love and light through your writings so that others may be encouraged and redeemed.

    In His Love,


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