Not Perfect

He's handsome. He adores me. He serves me. He loves me. Unconditionally and so much more than I have ever experienced. He's sincere and genuine. He gives me foot rubs - almost every night. He does the laundry, cleans out my car, and always opens the door for me. The minute he walks in, he greets me as if he truly missed me. He caters to my emotional needs and is more than sensitive in handling my emotional scars with care and concern. He appreciates even the smallest things I do for him. We laugh. We have fun. We genuinely enjoy each other. We share common interests and can always have fun together, as long as we're together.

The list could go on and on... But there's one very important thing I must add. He's Not Perfect. Oh yes, you heard me right. And before you think I'm about to beat him up, let me explain a few things.

I'm not perfect either. I'll never have the perfect life. I believe I'm blessed to have this man-of-many-qualities in my life, but he will never be perfect. And you know what else? We'll never be perfect for each other.

We're not perfect. Far from it. We're human. Fallen flesh. Capable of failure. True to form, we disappoint each other. We don't "have it made" and we haven't been given everything we thought we were missing in life previously. What we have been given is grace, forgiveness, and a lot of growth from life lessons that have taught us a few things. (A few lessons learned the hard way, I might add.)

Let me put it to you this way. What we both know and admit is life has surely not gone as planned. And while we both also believe and trust we are seeking after God's will and following His leading in our lives, we also know the path that led us here has been riddled with thorns. We've gotten lost. We've fallen. We've tripped over our own two feet getting in the way. We've also been led astray by good intentions.

While our story may feel like a modern day fairy tale, we aren't setting ourselves up for the expectation of "happily ever after." We know, from experience, that what we share is sacred and must be treated as such. Happily ever after isn't what we want. Pursuing the Lord, building on the foundation He's planted, and journeying together is what we seek.

We know things aren't perfect. We know imperfect people cause hurt feelings, frustrations, misunderstandings, and lots of opportunities for failure. We know it takes work, perseverance, diligence and faithfulness. We also know that past wounds create additional areas that require special attention and care. And just because we know, doesn't mean we always do. Because we aren't perfect!

I'm thankful, and I probably wouldn't be as grateful had I not first traveled the twists and turns of the weaving, winding path of circumstances and disappointments that led me to this point. It's taught me to appreciate and not take things for granted. It's helped me recognize my deeply selfish sin nature while shining a spotlight on the areas I need growth and transformation. It keeps me humbly on my knees, realizing I still fail and miss the mark, despite having come by things "the hard way."

The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;
Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

Psalm 138:8

Each day is an opportunity to glorify God with our lives, but there's no such thing as a perfect life. Please don't think I've got it made. Don't wish you were in my shoes. You haven't walked the path I've traveled. I'm not perfect. Neither is he. We are two imperfect people who make up a testimony of a loving, redeeming God, perfecting that which concerns us. He is still at work as He continues to clear away the chaff of the past and mold our future. We can't predict what may come, but we know it won't be perfect. So we'll cling to the lessons we've learned along the way, and the deepening of our faith as we travel together. Imperfectly.


  1. Beautifully written, and so very true. It seems as though everyone out there is searching for their Mr. or Mrs. Perfect.......but what they need to realize is that no such person exists! Who they should all be looking for.........who I am looking someone who can overlook my silly quirks, who can see my blind spots, who loves me despite who I am.
    Life itself isn't perfect, and every pain has a driving purpose in our lives. If not for the fire we would be pale and weak as people and as Christians! Sometimes we need to be so broken that only God can put us back together. And then we find that somehow the broken pieces put back in place are stronger now than when they were whole.

  2. Amen to both!!!


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