Dog Gone It

Mom's going out of a town for a few days. Because dad works crazy shifts, my sister and I have been asked to assist with the watchcare of the 2 year old Teddy Bear bichon-frieze/shiztu mix named Isabelle.

This dog has more fur than you can possibly imagine so she gets groomed regularly. Most recently leaving the doggie parlor with a fashionable pink feather fastened to the fur on her ear. Gone are the days of "fur bows"...we're trending feathers now.

Isabelle isn't high maintenance but for the brief time mom will be gone she has come with a day-by-day itinerary of categorized instructions, complete with color-coding for each person and their corresponding responsibilities. If you know my mom, you're not surprised. She's organized to a "tee" (I stole that from a friend). The color coding and details are mostly for dad. (If you know him, this isn't a shocker.) If you know my family, you know why we're all laughing.

I should also add that in addition to this email itinerary we all received, mom will adorn the house with post-it note reminders for dad. Bathroom mirror, coffee pot, outside AND inside the refrigerator.

It was a regular occurrence in our home to see the post-it reminders back and forth from mom and dad listing tasks or items needing attention. It was also common to see these notes bear terms of endearment and affection. I love their love notes.

The truth is, sis and I are grown and gone so Isabelle is their "baby"... despite the very real fact that both E & A have captured Nana & Papa's hearts. They're the grandparents. They're allowed.

It's funny to think about. Color-coded categorized instructions for the family dog. But the keyword is family. This is my family.

We're quirky and sometimes get on each other's nerves. We're codependent and cross relational boundaries. But we're family.
You can bet your life that no matter what care or attention the dog, grandkids or any of us could need, we'll be there to help, step in, support, pray, love.

Welcome to the family. We welcome you with open arms. (And maybe even a pink feather!)


  1. Your family is awesome... post it notes, pink feathers, quirks, oreos, and all! :) Love you!


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