Sidewalk Chalk

God Keeps His Promises
 It was a beautifully warm sunny day just begging for me to be enjoying the outdoors. E & I were laying on the driveway looking up at the brilliant blue sky. The occasional strands of cirrus clouds were too thin and moving too quickly to make out any kind of shape. Also moving quickly from one thing to the next, E  exclaimed, "Let's draw something!"

No, he wasn't referring to my iPod game obsession, but he was going to get the sidewalk chalk.

And so we began to draw. He practiced his "E's" and "J's" (J is for his friend John), and he asked me to design images of the following: dinosaur, dandelion, sun, moon and a rainbow. Excellent choices, at least I thought so since my drawing abilities are limited.

I couldn't help but stare at the bright lines of chalk I had constructed for the rainbow. Something was missing. The lines alone seemed incomplete. I decided to add a few fluffy clouds - one on each end. Even though it was simply grains of colored dust packaged and sold as "sidewalk chalk," I could picture the real thing positioned in the sky, standing as a picture of God's faithfulness. I've seen a rainbow many times before, but I've never seen where it starts or ends. Maybe that's part of the point...

Two times God mentions the rainbow in the clouds.

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds..." Genesis 9:13

"Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds..." vs. 14

The rainbow is a sign of His promise - a covenant keeping God who said He'd never flood the entire earth and destroy all life. The covenant doesn't say the storms won't come. In fact, the science behind it all is that the storm MUST come. You need the clouds to produce the rain which serves as the prism to reflect the wavelengths of light and VOILA...RAINBOW! (That's as good as it gets for a science lesson from me!)

The clouds may roll in. The storms may come. But rest assured, you will not be consumed, nor will you be destroyed. It is His promise...and there's a rainbow to prove it!


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