I have a scar on my right hip. It's about 2 inches long and serves as a reminder of the one and only surgery I've had.

My freshman year of college I found myself doubled over in pain that progressed so intensely throughout the day until I was nearly immobile. I ended up in emergency care where they were convinced I had alcohol poisoning since I was, afterall, a freshman in college. I had never consumed a drop of alcohol in my life but the doctors weren't buying it, especially since the next day began my first semester's final exams. A likely excuse, right?!

After hours of testing and the pain intensifying, I was rushed into surgery for an appendectomy. After it was all said and done the surgeon wasn't convinced that the appendix was the problem, but I was left with a two inch scar and one less organ.

I remember the pain of trying to stand up for the first time after surgery. It felt as if my insides were moving and shifting to accommodate for the missing appendix. I had an open wound and stitches and staples holding me together where they cut through my skin, past the muscle and went deep inside my body.

The scar doesn't hurt anymore. I feel no pain in that area whatsoever. Regardless, many many years later, I bear the mark of that day that I will never forget. (Not to mention this permanent reminder of how difficult it is to find a two-piece bathing suit that will cover my scar!)

I wonder what scars you bear. Have you had surgery? Maybe an accident? Is there a physical mark that serves as a reminder of an ordeal you've had to endure?

You may be able to recall the vivid details of what you experienced just by seeing the mark you bear. It may be painful for you to think about. It may even bring up emotional wounds that carry their own internal scars. I understand this, too.

But He was pierced for our transgressions,
He was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was upon HIm,
and by His wounds we are healed.
Isaiah 53:5-6

Jesus bears the marks in his hands and feet of where the nails were driven into his flesh and muscle to hold Him to the cross. My sin was nailed there with Him.

Jesus bears the scar where a sword was thrust into His side. His heart was beating for me. The blood and water that flowed out were symbols of His body broken and poured out for me.

Jesus bears the indentations of the thorns that pierced His brow, the crown that adorned Him with my shame and my guilt. Yet another symbol of His reminder to me that I don't have to bear it.

Scars don't hurt but they do leave a forever reminder of the pain once felt. The scars He bears should be on my hands, my feet, my side, and my brow. Today I'm thankful for scars.


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