Sing a new song

I heard someone recently say, "I know some people really respond to music, but it's never really been a big deal to me."

Heresy? Hypocrisy? Lunacy?

Be still my beating-in-4/4-time heart!

Maybe the chords don't move you. Maybe the soaring notes don't resonate within your being. Maybe the rhythm doesn't beat in time with your own heart. Maybe even the lyrics make no impact on your mind or emotions. But for me, music is a way of life. It's my way of life.

Even the very name of my blog is meant to carry an implication of the praises that I sing to my Savior.

I know full well that singing and songs are not the only way to praise and worship the Lord. Our lives are to be that too. My very body is His temple and dwelling place - the Holy Spirit having taken up residency in me. Still, for me I know He inhabits my praise when I am singing His.

Here's my point. Whether or not music "gets you" - or even if you don't get it - I challenge you to find "the thing" that does. You see, we all hit points in our lives when we're in the desert. It's a dry spell, a dark valley, a bottomless pit. At the lowest of lows, I find it hard for me to even utter words that resemble a prayer, let alone praise. So I hit my "Praise" playlist on iTunes and I let the music soar.

It takes me to a place where I can be alone with Him - where I don't have to think or pray or even be distracted. I can simply be still and listen as the music and words echo the sentiments of my seeking heart, even when I'm at a loss for words. In the loneliness of my solitude, I can be swept away by the loving ballad that reminds me of His extravagant love

I can sing Hallelujah even when my heart is broken, or I'm trapped in my own prison of sin. No matter what I face, He helps me to sing.

When the waves of my circumstance take me under, I'm reminded to hold on - that even in the midst of the pain, this is making me stronger.

When I've fallen and am in need of His grace, I look to Him to hold me. Hallelujah, His love always stays the same!

When I've forgotten who I am, I can be reminded of his boundless love that only sees the person He always knew I could be.

I'm singing a new song today. Somehow the shuffling playlist seems to be exactly what I need to hear. I'm praising Him - whatever the circumstance, no matter how I feel, even when I can't find my own words.

Sing with me, won't you?!


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