"Look mom! Look at me!"

I turned to see my boy grinning from ear to ear. The wide open smile revealed the little spaces between his baby teeth. The apples of his cheeks were perfectly round. His chin was proudly pointed toward the sky. Eyebrows raised, nearly every muscle in his face was straining to hold this smile. He was certainly over-emphasizing the expression on his face, and seeing him made me smile.

"See my dimple," he said, "aren't I cute?"

I couldn't help but smile and laugh.

"I LOVE your dimple!" I told him. "It lets me know you're happy." I planted a kiss right on his dimple, as I so often do.

"Mom, are you happy?" he asked, his face somewhat relaxing.

"Yes! You make me happy." I assured him.

"Where's your dimple?" he wanted to know.

I explained God didn't give me one.

He continued, "Are you happy at me?"

"Absolutely! I'm happy at you, and with you, and because of you," I told him. Then I showed him the biggest smile I could (sans dimple, of course).

It's a permanent crease on the right side of his face, the mark that tells this mama that my boy is happy. He's got a smile that can melt my heart and turn any bad day good. Standing before the mirror he was examining his own expression. I love that mark of happiness. A simple dimple that grows deep whenever he smiles. I know its an outward expression but it reflects the joy he holds deep within.

The other day he told me, "Mom, I want to pray about something....Dear God, I love you very much! Amen. I think God is happy about that!"

I think if God has a dimple of his own it must have surely been visible after that prayer!

I pray for his heart. I pray against the things that will try to steal his joy. I pray he will know and feel I am "happy at him," but even more He will come to know Creator God who placed His very own thumbprint in the dimple of his cheek is "happy at him" too!


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