It's been five days in a row that have each brought something unexpected, unplanned, completely out of the ordinary. Some good, some bad, some interesting, and some...well, some I'm still not sure what to think.

Unexpected to say the least. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all. Friday hit with a bang. Literally. I can't even tell you what exactly happened - but we experienced some of kind massive wind and thunder storm that knocked power out for millions. I went to bed thinking the worst of the storm was over, never realizing I'd wake up Saturday to the town in disarray.. I remember being up at 2 a.m. and realizing I was without power. Days later, we're still not expected to have electricity until later this week, maybe even the weekend. Completely unexpected and even unexplained. The devastation is unbelievable. The lines at the gas station, drive thurs, and grocery stores were jammed. Lynchburg and surrounding areas were simply not prepared for this. The downed trees destroyed homes, vehicles, power lines and anything else in their path. It's truly been unbelievable.

We found a cool spot to play - Amazement Square had power and with the forecast for 100+ degrees, we needed air conditioning. Just hours later yet another unexpected eruption from the backseat when my poor baby was getting stick in the car. I was stuck in traffic - the roads were bumper to bumper - and I did my best to pull over as quickly as I could. He couldn't stop. I was trying to get him to the doctor but he simply couldn't stop being sick. He needed his mommy and I needed mine. She came to drive us to the hospital as I held a limp little boy in my arms. I admit - I was scared to death. Hours in the ER, he was dehydrated, overheated and had a bad virus.

Another 2 a.m. wake up call - only this time it was my turn to get sick. I supposed having taken care of him round-the-clock and having him pracitcially sleep on top of me for a few nights made it inevitable. This is one of the worst stomach bugs I've had or seen.

We've got 6 adults, 5 dogs and a 4 year old in a 3 bedroom house so we're sharing the love and spreading our germs. :( But I'm thankful that after the storm, the sickness and everything else, we had a place to go with power and air conditioning.

You can't always explain why things happen. You can't always prepare for things either. We're still not sure what to expect or when to expect the power to come on. Considering the record three-digit temperatures and everything else we're combating, I'd really just like to be at home in the comfort of my bed. But I'll take the unexpected and all that it brings. I'm still not sure how exactly to respond to it all...but I'm living one unexpected day at a time.


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