Mud Puddle


  MUD PUDDLE!!!!!!!

5 kids + 1 kiddie pool + 1 hose = Hours of fun

In typical "E" fashion, he started to throw mud into the pool. He wanted to make a mud pie and this was his recipe. I deterred him from any further mud-slinging since other kids were also wading in the water The kids were covered in grass clippings, Virginia mud, and soaked. But they were having a blast and we were letting them.

Unbeknownst to me, the water hose was left on, so hours later I had a mud bowl instead of a backyard. E discovered it before I did and he was already swirling around and around in what was, I'm sure, every boy's dream of a "bath tub." I walked outside only to realize what he was doing and before long he had his float in the middle of the muddy pool. He was wading in it, bathing in it, playing with it, throwing it...and in HOG heaven (yes, I went there)! Oh what fun a boy can have in a mud puddle.

He's the kind of kid who seeks out every puddle and runs straight toward it only to SPLASH right in the center. That's my boy! And ordinarily this girly-girl who loves makeup, adores getting her hair done, and absolutely goes berzerk over a new outfit would have been FREAKING at this mucky mess, but it was all I could do to just let him enjoy it.

Am I trying to draw some spiritual conclusion here? We could discuss the mess that happens when a running faucet is left on and unattended. We could talk about the muck we find ourselves wallowing in despite the pool that sits just feet away. We could share of experiences stuck in the pit having to dig our way out. We could even draw conclusions from how we're drawn straight to the mess...

Today I think we'll just let a little boy enjoy his mud puddle and a mama enjoy watching her little boy be who God created him to be!


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