When you consider the "stuff" that happens in life - the life-altering diagnosis, the consequence from sin, the fallout from devastation, the tragic blow from someone else's hand, sudden loss and painful endings - we can wonder why but sometimes things just don't make sense. 

I'm sure many could echo my sentiments and say, "I never knew life would turn out like this..." 

You may have unanswered questions and unexplained situations. You may have unnecessary pain and undue heartache. You may be left scratching your head wondering how in the world you ended up here and how on earth you will recover.

What's shattered in our lives is what we can bring before Him as our offering. Broken pieces of hearts, unfulfilled dreams, failed plans, and fallen lives. These are the things He takes and shapes. He holds and molds, fashioning all the ideals we had about what could have been into miracles we could have never fathomed.

What remains unfulfilled in your life? What is the longing of your heart that leaves you aching? What is the prayer you've uttered without ceasing? What have you yet to take hold of? What is it that remains unrestored? It seems impossible, right? 

You may not see how this could possibly be salvaged. You, in your own strength, may not be able to endure. You might be looking at the impossible knowing you're simply incapable. You may be sweeping up the powdered pieces of your heart, or picking up the broken shards of your life with hopeless despair. And here - in this place, in this state - this is the place His grace is soon to be amazing.  

Redeemed - to pay off, to cover in full, to buy back. Its antonym? To abandon.

Oh, be still my aching heart. I cannot contain what this stirs inside me - to know He won't abandon me, no matter what I've done, no matter what I face. To know He has paid the price for my life, recognizing on my own I am nothing. Realizing I am not left to remain in this broken, fallen state. Rather, these places of hurt, tragedy, sickness, ending, starting over, and everything else that seems unsalvageable are where His grace floods the soul. This is where He enters in. This is where He restores. This is where He fulfills. He will not leave you or what you face unredeemed. This is the song of my heart. I pray it will comfort yours too, whatever state it may be in. 
Unredeemed - Selah


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