Happy Leap Day/Leap Year! It's February 29th and it only comes every 4 years.

Today my favorite radio station posed the question: If you were given a gift card of 24 hours to spend however you choose, no strings attached, what would you do?

It's a valid question. On this day, the 29th of February, with 366 days in this year, we've been given a "free day." It's a gift of 24 extra hours, which doesn't sound like a lot compared to the 8,760 hours in a year that we normally get. But it's a chance to stop and think: what are you going to do today with your "free" day?

If we're to make the most of each day we're given, then today is nothing different. The fact that you woke up and took a breath (or yawn) is proof positive that God has something for you to do. And on this extra day of the year, I'm challenging us all to ask ourselves "how can we spend this day differently?"

I realize it's in the middle of the week and many of our routines will progress as normal (as if they have no care or regard for the fact that today should be a day of celebration!), but as you go about your "normal" I challenge you to look for ways to do things out of the normal - more than just make the most of these 24 hours, but to truly seek how you can make an impact.

What will you do today that will last for eternity? You've got 24 hours on the 29th day of this month that only hits every 4 years. Make it count!


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