Help Yourself

I found someone who shares my "dilemma" for drawing energy from others. We had an enlightening conversation  about our "struggle" to ensure we are not 1. Filling the Lord's place in our lives with other people and 2. Seeking approval or affirmation as a result of our service.

The lesson for me right now is allowing God to help Himself to my life - even to the point where I have no say so whatsoever. It sounds simple enough. Of course I want God to use me - but am I willing to let Him not use me? Contrary to what I may think I have to give and share, am I willing to be "shelved"? Do I have that much faith? Could I be so bold even now to trust Him and His plan?  If so, then I would be willing to let Him help Himself to me even if it means not using me.

Where I can jump ahead is thinking that some gift or talent or blessing that I have is my offering. I care too much about wanting to bless others that many times I miss the greater calling of being still in His presence, which is where I should be drawing my true strength and energy from. Am I willing to know and experience Him rather than worrying about what I can share with others?

When I freely help myself to all He has to offer, this becomes the outpouring of my life. Help Yourself, Lord.


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