Catch Me If You Can

The move is 10 years old but eerily similar to what I've seen play out in real life. It's the story of a professional con who bounces from town to town, lying, stealing, cheating, and deceiving. His identity changes with each city. His profession is becoming whatever he needs to be to survive. He is "all things to all people."

Even the power of falling in love isn't strong enough to drive him to change. He tries to stop, but the conditions and even his family continue to enable his life of lies. His identity is so skewed by the false world he's created, he has no idea who he is. And so he runs. He flees. He tries to escape the messes he's made.

We may not have constructed such an extreme world of deception as the character in this movie (although more than once in my life I've seen people go to extensive lengths to lie and hide from the false identities they've created), but there may be circumstances or mistakes we want to run and hide from.

"Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?" Psalm 139:7

Nowhere. There's nowhere you can run; nowhere you can hide. You cannot flee from your Creator. He hemmed you inside and out and He planned every day of your life before you even took your first breath.

Whatever it is you're running from, you don't have to fear being caught.

Run if you must; but run straight into the embrace of a loving Father ready to rescue you from whatever trouble you face.

Flee if you must; but flee the sin that so easily entangles and escape the deception that seeks to entrap you.

Fall if you must; but fall hard into the arms of your Savior who promises to catch you. 

Tempt Him if you dare; but only with the plea from a heart begging Him, "Catch me if You can." 

Be ready...He will.


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