There's an estimated 18" between your brain and your heart. Maybe the longest distance you have to travel for your worlds to collide. This is the place where what you know intersects with what you feel. When these two work harmoniously together, logic and emotion help provide the framework for beliefs. When this drives actions, a healthy balance exists in everything from daily decision making to life-changing processes.

Point blank: Does your theology match your reality? Has your logic intersected your feeling?

Our theology says we are more than conquerers...but do we live as conquerers?

Are we overcoming sin, addiction, pain, struggles, trials?

Do we live in victory and triumph, or surrender and defeat?

It doesn't seem like a long way to go, but I can assure you this is a nearly neverending journey for me. I recently shared portions of the story of Joseph. I'd like to refer back to him but a different part of the story. Go with me to Genesis 41:34-37:

"...during the seven years of abundance. They should collect all the food of these good years that are coming and store up the grain...This food should be held in be used during the seven years of famine..."

Joseph knew the famine was coming. But they would first have 7 years of plenty. He had a plan to store up all they could to last throughout the dry years.

You may be wondering how I'm going to tie all these jumbled thoughts together. Here we go. Hold onto your hats. It may be a bumpy ride...

I've experienced the "plenty." I've stored up reservoirs of God's goodness from sweet times with the Lord and showers of blessings from His hands. These are the times and places where everything works simultaneously together connecting what I believe and how I feel so that my actions and responses are a direct reflection of my faith.

I've also experienced the desert when I came up so dry I had no tears to cry and so empty there were no words to pray.
Becoming a conquerer and living victoriously does not mean perfection, but these were the times when there was nothing at all to draw from.

Then it hits me. BAM! My worlds collide.

When I'm empty and dry, when I'm lost and confused, when I have nothing to pray and no source of strength - I must tap into the storehouses of my soul where I've put away the plenty. These are the reservoirs of my heart when I experienced faith in action. These are the harvests when I've reaped the bounty of God-breathed scripture speaking directly to me. These are the fruit of my labor when I've witnessed answers to prayer.

If I draw from the times of plenty, even in my times of famine, I am still drawing upon Him as my Source. I told you this is still a neverending journey for me. I want to live AND walk by faith. I need my heart and my head to agree and work together. If you hear a collision, praise God! It just means my theology and reality are finally in agreement. Whether we're walking in famine or feast, we can always experience times of plenty You just have to be ready for the collision.


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