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I had a long conversation tonight about "Boundaries." This book has taught me so much about myself and my relationships. I've had to learn to walk away from some serious drama. Sometimes having to face a harsh reality and the painful steps of walking away completely. Other times having to set boundaries and maintain healthy distances in order to preserve the relationship.

I admit that I've also been guilty of creating the drama and most recently I've realized that those who've chosen to stick around me throughout my ups & downs deserve extra crowns in heaven! (Thank you, my dear friends!)

What I've come to understand in the past few weeks is every single time I have the urge to "act" or "do" I am learning to turn it over to the Lord in prayer. Praying every single time I want to try to fix the situation asking for God to move instead. Whether it's a friend or enemy, my best defense has been that of Exodus 14:14, letting Him fight for me and remaining still. I've found freeing power in this truth!

Falling down is a part of life. There are times when you need to be picked up and carried. Those are the relationships who stand with you during the best of times and carry you during the worst of times. You can't prevent pain and trouble from entering your life. And would you really want to? These are the times you find yourself focused on living. You survive the pain. You perservere through the trial. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, look to your left and your right and pay close attention to those who are still by your side, and you press on.


  1. Wow, Carrie.....thanks for sharing this. This is the first time that I read a blog, I think. At least one that was called a blog. I feel like I stumbled upon your diary and read it anyway. Again, thanks for sharing - I like that part about setting boundaries and maintaining "healthy" distance to keep the relationship. Oh, so true.
    Some part of this made me think that maybe I walked away from Control Freaks and that I was becoming a Drama Queen and that is why it feels so good to separate myself from the "unhealthy" relationships. Not sure. Need to go curl up in front of the fireplace & think about it a little. Thanks for being "who God made me to be." You say things that I like to read. Lyn Marie


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